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Whether you are an Entrepreneur just starting out with your Business, or an experienced Infopreneur wanting to increase your customer base in an ever increasing competitive market, you will know that building an¬†email list is crucial to your business. Why? According to the Huffington Post, ‘the importance of an email list cannot be understated regarding your success as selling products and services’.

Building your email list and expanding your customer base, is crucial to any business. If you have an email list, you can tell your loyal following of customers of any special deals, discounts, or breaking news which you have and you want to tell them about. This is what is called good customer engagement.

The Freelance Writing Blog is obviously not my only Blog as I have a number of interests which fall under different categories and which I Blog about. In my very first attempt at creating a Blog, I added the optin email form to my Newsfeed, but I didn’t provide any kind of lead magnet to go with it. It just ‘sat’ there on my Blog and every time I accessed the Blog the trusty popup email optin form would wink at me mockingly. Nothing happened and I got no optin subscribers from any new customers. My Blog was dead as I was the only one contributing to it and who read it.

I started reading everything on the subject of email optin forms and learnt that you had to offer readers some kind of freebie to lure them to your blog and to entice them to subscribe to your email list. Well what to do? I was out of ideas until I came across Station 7‘s marvelous toolkit of lead magnets. They offered an entire Toolkit of instantly downloadable lead magnets which I could customize exactly to my needs.

They went a step further (and I am going to try this out myself), included in this lead magnet toolkit are layout options within which you can ‘monetize your knowledge into profitable and passive ebooks and workbooks’. The Toolkit is downloadable in Adobe or Canva. This grabbed my attention as I am a writer and I have tons of information which I would like to share with others (and why not generate an income from it?).

Keep your eye on my Blog as I will soon be adding a section with ebooks and I am going to use this toolkit to to create them. If you have the same idea, share it with me. It will be great to undertake this journey and know that others will be on the path with me.


Grow your Email list with Optin Freebies
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Grow your Email list with Optin Freebies
You can grow your email list by providing opt in freebies to your clients.
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The Freelance Writing Blog
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