More about me

I had an exciting journey in my lifetime. True, I have not experienced the exciting adventures of Kingsley Holgate and I can unfortunately not claim to have visited every country on the Continent of Africa in a Land Rover like he did – lucky him! I have however travelled widely and have visited a number of European Countries as well as Russia.

All of these Countries were an experience I would not have wanted to miss at all, but my heart always warmed when I returned to my own beautiful country, sunny South Africa with its breathtaking scenery and warm and friendly people. I read voraciously (sometimes a novel a day (if it is not more than 50 000 words mind you!) and prefer relaxing with a novel rather than watching television or going to the movies.

When I do watch television I like to watch programs relating to interior decorating, but also indulge my love for antiques by watching BBC programs like The Antiques Road Show, Bargain Hunting and Cash in the Attic. Returning to my favourite past time, Biographies of interesting people from modern times as well as history also interest me greatly and I could get no greater gift in my life than when I was presented by my husband with a Kindle as well as a Kobo e-reader. Now my access to books are almost unlimited and the wonderful person who presented me with the e-readers in the first place sometimes has to remind me that I also need to spend more time with him!

I could indulge my creative side and my love for books when I published my first novel (a historical romance) through LAPA which is a well established and recognised Publisher in South Africa. I am now blogging about Freelance Writing as that is where my journey took me.

I quit my job at the union where I worked as a negotiator for more than 21 years during 2016 and my husband and I started a website design agency called WebScripto Pty Ltd. I still work as a Marketing Manager for WebScripto and we have many loyal clients who depend on us for website maintenance and social media marketing.

I decided to start my Blog quite recently. I enjoy blogging for WebScripto's clients and I have also achieved some success as a Academic Writer for the Edge Learning Institute. I felt that I could share my experiences and what I achieved as a Freelance Writer and as a Blogger with other people with similar interests. Low and behold I fell in love with Blogging and I have ideas that I want to share with you during this journey of mine. Come with me and we will see where Freelance Writing and Blogging take us.